Tuesday, May 17, 2011

...because imagination is more important than knowledge...

Play Dress Up: A Children's Consignment Boutique was named for my son Jasper.  An avid fan of the costume, for me he put the "play" in the phrase "play dress up".  Thank goodness for my son and his sense of imagination and exploration, from day one, he was a scientist in every sense of the word!

Looking back he was way different than my daughter is now and he really broke me in as a mother, he challenged me in every way possible! Through all of those challenges we persisted and kept going back to imaginative play, his first "costume" was an engineer hat and overall's, and to me a compromise away from Thomas the Train!  Spiderman, Superman, Batman always great old stand-by's! And for a tired mother trying to juggle work, school, and single motherhood, batman costume and the original Batman and Robin movies were a great diversion from all of life's seriousness.  And any mother knows when a young child finds a movie they like, well it's not worth trying to hide it from them, either you will eventually give in to them watching it, at least this is how it was for my first child, my second child, she will be at the mercy of her older brother and sister, for what she watches, for a long time.  I am not at all a mother who condemns watching television, it's such a good ole' American past-time that going against it would be like going against fireworks on July 4th, or pizza, or birthday cake... of course the mother's of the USA that can restrict those things, more power to you! I do restrict or try at least to set limits on my children's tv time, which is why "playing dress up" in my house became such a great past-time for us!

To make a long story short, anytime I see my child becoming creative, I encourage it! It's worked for us the past seven years and I figure I will keep relying on his imagination to fuel my imagination to fuel his imagination! It's a great little sustainable invention that I as a mom could not live without!

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