Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five summer getaways every kid should experience!

Five summer get-a-ways every kid should experience:

When I think back to the trips that I went on with my family, as a whole, what I remember most are the novel experiences, the funny experiences, and the ones where I actually learned something!  It’s the time’s my Mom, my Dad and I were driving in the car to the airport singing the National Lampoons theme songs together (the Chevy Chase Clark! one), knowing that whether or not things went smoothly or with lots of turbulence, we were there together as a family, a team, experiencing the same thing!  It’s always fun as a child getting up before the sun, the pensive, exciting feeling that something great was about to happen and that you were going to embark on an adventure that day, the day of your families’ summer vacation!

Every child should visit a place where they are going to meet people from another culture and another country!  My favorite was going to Bermuda when I was about nine years old, I met a girl my age who spoke French she went in the pool with only her bottom bathing suit on and we made friends famously for a week, even though she could not understand me and I could not understand her, the language of swimming, playing and enjoying the beach crossed all cultures.  I learned a lot about meeting new people and that not everyone is like me, a kid growing up in America!

Another get-a-way would be to take a driving tour to the National Parks of the USA, my favorites are Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Redwood National Park, and Yosemite, but for the Mountain lovers there are the Grand Tetons, or Glacier National Park! A child will never ever forget the indelible views in these parks!

Why not take a short trip this summer to a botanical garden? Longwood gardens are full of not only biology, but also history, very close to the Mason Dixon line, where slaves were helped to freedom around the time of the Civil War.  You will learn about Orchids, or just enjoy a peaceful day admiring the beauty of the in and outdoor gardens.  The zoo is another great day trip to enjoy, with the great membership offerings going on now, you can’t help but take advantage of them, one of my favorite memories as a parent was watching my son help feed the hippos’ at the Philadelphia zoo, just one of the perks you get as a member!

Lastly, in college I had the opportunity to visit the Peruvian Rain Forest, this to me was the trip of a lifetime, I would love to bring my son back so that he could have this experience, and while I am there, I will definitely bring him to work at a native plant farm, and meet some of the native children that go to a small school through programs set up to support native Peruvian’s transition from their native way of life to one that is more like ours, while trying to preserve all that is part of their culture in the process.

The five get-a-ways, are my ideal get-a-ways, for me, as a big kid, and for my kids, hopefully someday they will get the chance to experience them, and some new ones, too!

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