Friday, May 27, 2011

My own New uses for Old Things....

As I am a complete LOVER of Real Simple magazine, although I didn't quite like the design changes they did a year or so ago, I do think the content is still awesome if not better these days!

Sometimes when I am able to actually think, maybe the kids are in bed or I have a free moment to myself, I come up with ideas and some of them are really is the one a thought of a few months ago, I thought about sharing it on the Real Simple website, but than I didn't have time to sign in to do a post on the "New Uses For Old Things" website.

The electric toothbrush, I like better as a skin exfoliater, circulation regenerator, especially on my face.  I typically use a salicylic face wash without a scrub everyday, it is what skin experts call a chemical exfoliator that is safe to use everyday.  Some days when I am feeling extra special I use the extra head for my electric toothbrush, put the face wash on it and give my face a nice scrub, it is soft and gentle enough, but the vibrations and fine bristles are great for smoothing out uneven skin and increasing circulation. Since I don't have the time or the money for a spa facial I do this and I love how it makes my face there is my new use for an old thing, I kinda like my manual toothbrush better to brush my teeth with anyway, call me old fashioned!

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