Friday, June 3, 2011

Vacation lists and other ideas...

So most of us mom's if we are planning a vacation this summer are possibly thinking or writing lists of the items we will need to take with us on vacation.  Depending on the vacation this will definitly vary.  Every year my boyfriend's family takes a two week camping trip to the beach in SC.  It is called Edisto Beach and it is absolutely beautiful, I love camping, even with all the bugs, mid-night trips to the restrooms, and family cooking that goes on, it is such a great experience I wouldn't trade it for anything, okay maybe a billion dollars!

So this year my list includes the obvious, bug repellant, sunscreen, clothing and swimwear for the kids and I, and toiletries.  I'm looking for a good online list for vacation needs. It's going to be a long ride too! Everytime I think about our vacation I get lost in daydreams! I think that's what stinks the most about trying to be overprepared for family vacations, it's so hard to focus! Maybe I will ask my friend at Task Complete if she has any ideas for me!

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