Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Favorite Memories From Edisto Beach State Park, SC, 2011

Driving down to the beach in South Carolina, created some problems when we couldn't take the first vehicle (Bianca) that we tried due to a small issue with her axle.  A short trip to Philadelphia and back caused us a minor delay, but the next morning we were off in my black honda (we now call Negrita), (however antropomorphic it is to name cars, driving in them can get deliriously boring, so anything to divert our attention away from the boredom is welcome). 

Once we were on our way, my first favorite memory was the Pandora Radio station I chose, La Bamba radio.  I put it on in Virginia during a long traffic jam and instead of focusing on the traffic, we focused on the "jams" coming through on our stereo.  It was awesome, every song my DBF and I sang together was classic oldie's tune and it felt like someone was looking down on us when each song played and the traffic started moving.

Of course the beach was glorious, playing in the sand and water with S, J, and Dohdoh was so fun and relaxing.  We made sand castles, buried each other in the sand, caught sand fleas for Papi (Abuelo) and DBF to catch the big fish with, Dohdoh had a fabulous time when her big sis and big bro built her a pool to swim in, in the surf, J got buried by S, and when the twins came we took turns burying them too! The first thing twin N did was to make a "sand angel", and twin M found some beautiful shells to bring home with him.  I found a book today on all the different types of shells to help the kids identify what they are.  We barely just "sat on the beach" it was way to hot!

The kids and I took some breaks by going to the air-conditioned (ahhhhhh) wifi room, S played her DSI, J used the computer, I returned some emails, we all got a chance to cool off and re-energize ourselves.

Breakfasts were fun, I bought a small electric skillet and made pancakes, eggs, and bacon for the family! Nitza, loving grandma and Abuela, not to mention wonderful cook, made country style ribs, thick juicy pork chops, papas (potatoes), beans and rice, and her own personal favorite corned beef over rice. J, S and I made french bread pizza in the oven while DohDoh was taking her nap, which she did everyday and of course it gave us all a little break from our little toddler tyrant! Mmmmmmm did I mention we were outside the whole time? Our stove is a camp stove and this year we used a camp stove with an oven underneath!

Trips to the PIG on our bikes were fun, the kids bought gum or ice cream, and S and J bickered like siblings, they got on each others nerves, but for the most part they were both happy to be together and share these times with me and R! I know I am gushing but I am so thankful to have three of the most wonderful children in the world, they are respectful, sweet and kind, I am a lucky parent.  (Sorry for the disclaimer but S is not my blood child, she isn't my step daughter because her father and I are not married, but I still feel lucky to be apart of her life, and I Love her Like a Daughter, LYLAD!)

Going to the Tanger outlets, in Charleston with DohDoh and S, was a super good time! I told S that I had $20 for her to spend and that if we found something for Doh that we could spend $20 on her too.  Since I started using only cash last March, it feels liberating to use only the money that I have in my budget.  We went in Justice for S and Gymboree for Doh, nothing in S, but DohDoh refused to leave Gymboree without a black and white puppy pug purse, S wanted to go to Claire's next and she decided to buy a little souvenir for her big sister.  We hit a rain storm on the way back and got a little soaked, but it was part of the fun! Me and S laughed the whole ride home as we the rainwater seeped through the windows of the car from the rack on top.  S was excited to see DohDoh put her first penny in a fountain and we all made wishes. 

The greatest thing about camping at Edisto State Park, SC is being with family, relaxing, the beach and having no obligations.  It's a great experience for our children, the park has a small playground, they ride their bikes, and meet other children from different parts of the US.  If you are looking for an inexpensive ($50 a night), beautiful little spot to bring your children camping at the beach this is a good one! But just make sure you make your reservations about a year in advance because it books up fast!

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