Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and other naturally destructive forces in the world...

After all the things that have occurred over the past few years as far as naturally occurring disasters, even the most rational and level-headed person would stop to consider that maybe the Mayan's might have been on to something when they predicted the end to a very long cycle on Earth in their calendar.  My son and I, have recently been contemplating this, while we watch netflix documentaries on 2012 and the Mayan's calendar, scientist's speculations, and "prophet's" predictions of what will happen during this time.  As a teacher of Science, and lover of wisdom or philosophy, it is a great source of thought.

I personally do not believe or think the world is going to "end" in 2012, but I do believe and am aware that we humans on Earth right now are on this planet at a time of great change, not only shifts in thinking, causing massive confusion between people all over the world, but also a very tension filled change in our environment.  A wise man once told me that "Mother Earth" and "Father Time" are the two female/male forces that make up all energy on Earth.  Father time is the continuum, he is steady, unwavering, and something that you can "count on", where-as Mother Earth is changing, unpredictable, sometimes the most beautiful things you've ever seen and other times the most destructive and ugly things you ever seen.

Lately, Mother Earth seems to be very destructive, and as usual Father time just carries on, not seemingly bothered by Mother Earth's path of destruction, she still produces beautiful sunsets and sunrises, rainbows after a thunderstorm, and the gorgeous colors of fall that we will soon see, or maybe that's just Father Time trying to please her, to save us humans from her anger and what may happen in 2012.

Yesterday, 8/23/11 at about 1:50pm in the afternoon I felt the earthquake under my feet, my heart shook and it almost felt like time stopped for a millisecond or two.  If the world does end in 2012, well my theory is that energy cannot be destroyed only transformed (actually Isaac Newton's theory taken to a metaphysical level) so I'm not worried that my soul and spirit will transcend the worst natural disaster the Earth has ever seen, just worry sometimes about all the souls and their spirits who will transcend with me, I will always be on Team Good, cheering for "the Light" to win out over the darkness, using Faith, Science and Philosophy to see me through!

I've been reading a great book on my kindle app called "How to Be An Adult in Relationships" by David Richo and Kathlyn Hendricks.  It's a take on relationship problems that has a very eastern view. It talks a lot about delving deep into your past relationships to see where you are stuck so that you can deal better with the problems you may be having in your current relationships, if nothing else it has provided me with massive amounts of patience and a little bit of wisdom. Personally, I think relationships are probably the hardest thing you can ever try to master in your life, but also the most rewarding endeavors not only for the people in your life but for your soul and the healing of your spirit. Thank you for reading my blog. Namaste and God Bless!

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