Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You gotta do what you gotta do....

So how did I get the kids from this:

to this:

I told them that I just passed gas,, really I didn't but I knew saying something inane was just the thing to make them laugh after a long hard day of getting pumpkins from the farm, lol!

As a mom, I've found that motherhood is really just a long series of simple but stupid challenges that have simple but stupid solutions.
(My apologies for uttering the bad word "stupid"! 🙊)

To my children, it's been acceptable to talk about their bodily functions, there's no stigmas attached to burping or farting, although I personally appreciate an excuse me. I think being laid back about self-expression has meant that we've never had a problem with it being overly used in a negative way.

One of my favorite ways to show my children the "right" way to be is just being a role model for them. Of course this is difficult with my toddler, when she bit me the first time, I bit her back so she would know how it felt, she cried, I hugged her and explained to her gentleness, which I signed to her in American Sign Language, this is my favorite sign in ASL. It is nothing more than stroking one hand over the other to show that you are being gentle and not hurting someone.  It has worked miracles with both of my children.  It's never to early to start either, teach gentleness to your child at any age, explain the importance of it to them.  Gentleness is a way of mind, heart and spirit.

As a mom I take on many roles
 I am a professor and my favorite form of teaching is through play although occasionally a lecture may be necessary. I'm an interpreter seeing through tired eyes. I'm a chef who knows all their favorites by heart. I'm a play-date coordinator a volunteer at school dances, holiday parties, ice cream and hot chocolate socials and book fairs.
I am a comedian always ready with  a joke to make smiles.
I am a companion, being there for them, when the dark is scary, they need a story, or a hug, or a playmate, or  they want someone to watch TV with, or play a game with, or when they need someone to lay next to them as they fall asleep.
I am so much as a parent, I'm renewed by my children's love, however difficult it is to see them grow up and began leaving the nest. 

I love being a mom, for me it is the greatest most rewarding thing on Earth. I'm thankful everyday for the opportunity and blessing of raising my children.

Next thing on my list, being a great companion to my ever-loving BF, one day, maybe my ever-loving hubby, I only have eyes for him, the most caring, loving, man and greatest most nurturing father (next to my own dad of course), I have ever known! 
P.S. It took him over an hour to pick out the perfect pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! That's either extreme patience or insanity!
Two of my very special "pumpkins"!

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