Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - a mild concussion without losing consciousness can be a TBI

I may finally have found my calling in life.  I've always wanted to have a career that is three things: enjoyable, helps people in a positive and/or healthy way, and gives me the opportunity to be with my children and be a role model for them. 

The story starts way back, originally my dream was to be a pediatrician, well after fainting several times at the sight of blood, starting at around 10 years old, my career plans were ummm...destroyed.  Fainting has since become a part of life like something that you do a few times a year, I make accomodations when I get blood drawn, I make sure to have someone around if I need to take care of my children with a scraped...whatever and if I hurt myself I almost immediately sit down with my head between my legs trying to prevent a "syncope".  Syncope - the medical definition is "unexplained fainting". It's always been an area of interest to me medically because I am affected by it, lately I've thought differently about the "unexplained fainting" occurences I've had because about a year ago I had what I believe to be a "grand mal seizure" or what is now referred to as a tonic-clonic seizure (sounds like a cocktail "yeah I'll have a tonic-clonic, extra olives please!) I was at the doctor getting a biopsy and the fear and pain got to me, I got a funny taste in my mouth, sweet, bitter, nasty and weird all at once, my body tensed and I lost consciousness, afterward I vomitted, called my mother (it's great to have a mom to call!) and had a very strong urge to sleep (deliciously strong, probably the best feeling of the whole incident).

Since I was interrupted while writing, probably a good thing because it's a long story, you'll have to wait for the next installment, haha.  I still have to think more about the "calling", I don't want to give it away right now especially since I haven't even thought it through all the way.  Thanks for listening and reading my blog :)

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