Friday, January 13, 2012

I wanted to update my friends, to let them know about TBI's if your child gets a concussion, even the mildest hit to the head that leaves them just a bit dazed, please try your best to not let it happen again within a 6 week period! Research shows that the brain needs that time to heal, I want to start a PSA group about this for the local community, unfortunately, I'm finding out that symptoms that I've had for a long time may be due to this type of brain injury, it stinks but I want to be positive and prevent it from happening to future kids...

This was my facebook post last night, I don't usually announce my health problems on facebook, but I did this time, because TBI or traumatic brain injury, is a preventable problem, that if dealt with the right way can prevent kids from going through a lot of disorders down the road.  My goal is to start a community awareness program to prevent TBI and TBI related disorders.  

The last post was about the seizures that I've had, they gotten increasing more seizure like, as a child I used to "faint", a lot.  I am a woman, like many who shrug off their pain and problems, because their family comes first.  I am now taking better care of myself so that I can take care of others, live a better life and help to prevent this in other children.

Thanks for reading.  

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