Friday, May 11, 2012

Drama Addiction...

Drama is a waste of time PERIOD! That's why I'm not writing about it, LOL!  The #12 listed definition of a"drama queen" from Urban Dictionary is 
"people who always crave attention and will make any good situation into a bad one, or just come up with some total lie to get everyone to focus on them and their problems."
My research on this topic led me to a website with an article written by Tom Ferry, the CEO of LifeCoach and bestselling book Life By Design.  The article, called Are You Addicted To Drama?, was an interesting read.  I now have a better understanding of people who crave drama, feed into it, and in some cases become addicted to the feelings that it provides.  More importantly, for me at least, the article has provided me with more confidence to keep away from people that thrive on drama, the "drama queens" that seem to vacuum the life force right out of the people around them.  So here is the last part of the article (the rest can be found at:

The hardest part in letting go and releasing from the addiction to drama is that like any addiction, most people actually get some form of pleasure from these very things that are not good for them. The reality is that in life, drama will always be around. You can't escape it, but you can choose not to let it consume you. You can control the meaning you give it and that's when drama can actually become powerful and productive because sometimes an unmet expectation is exactly what you needed to happen to change your course for the better.

I have a good friend named Claude who is one of the happiest people I have ever met. He lives totally drama free because he chooses to live By Design. When I asked him how he stays out of the drama, he explained he sees life as a movie. If we can see each moment as nothing more than a scene, before you know it, the next scene will be up on the screen and that moment of drama will be in the past. I love that analogy because it's a simple way to see every moment, good or bad for what they are. A moment in time that will soon pass.
So, here's your assignment. I dare you to give up drama for the next 30 days. Stop making everything mean more than it is. See things as they really are. Try to create a better story around the events that happened in your life. When you let go of allowing your circumstances to dictate your outcome you will be in control of your destiny.
To your success!
6 Sure Signs You Suffer from the Addiction to Drama
1. You Love To Gossip.
2. You Are Always In The Middle of a Crisis.
3. You're Glued to the News, Magazines And Stories About X Y & Z.
4. You Have a Tendency Toward Over Reacting versus Rational Behavior
5. Everything is a Bigger Deal than it Actually is
6. You're a Pot Stirrer

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