Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brazilian Keratin Therapy by Organix a Review

Recently, I tried the Coppola Keratin Treatment, a brazilian straightening treatment. I spent about $250, to get smooth, frizz free, gorgeous hair, at Salon Metro, in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, It has lasted me about 4 weeks so far, my hair is still very straight, but it is becoming more frizzy and more unmanageable by the day.  Tomorrow I am leaving for the beach which is part of the reason I wanted to try the straightening treatment, the beach is rough enough without having to constantly tame my hair and be uncomfortable in messy buns day in and day out.

So tonight I used the brazilian keratin therapy (pictured above) to hopefully add to the salon treatment I had, and increase my hairs strength and frizz free look.  I only spent about $8 on this at, but you can get it at many grocery stores.

It took me about 1.5 hours to finish the whole thing, After washing my hair with the shampoo in the box and towel drying, I applied the formula in the bottle.  The bottle comes with a generous amount so I still have some left over.  My hair is very long too, it is an inch or two past my bra.  After washing and towel drying I let the formula sit for 30 minutes as instructed in the directions and I then blew dry and straightened my hair with my flat iron at 400 degrees. It took awhile because the directions say to go over each section of hair with the flat iron 7 - 10 times.

So far so good, but I have to wait to wash my hair for 48 hours.  I planned it that way though as we will be driving for about 15 hours tomorrow night, and so I will shower and wash my newly straightened hair when we get to the beach.  More pictures to come, my fingers are crossed that my hair will be frizz free, let the beach fun begin.

Oh, P.S. if you are thinking of getting your hair straightened, the salon version is supposed to work the best because it contains formaldehyde, the store brand does not, one word of warning, I had a very slight amount of gray coming in before I had the salon treatment done, and now as my hair has grown out over the last four weeks, I am noticing a dramatic increase in the amount of white/gray hairs that are coming in at the roots. Hopefully the Organix products will be much nicer to my hair than the salon versions!

Another product by Organix that I have been using, the weightless mouse, when I do want to put a little bounce into my hair this is the product I use.

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